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Level 13 is a web design studio whose aim is to make YOUR business really stand out! We are committed to designing websites to their full potential, creatively, all to the specifications of our clients. 

Stunning web design

Level 13 will design your website to your specifications, whatever your budget, whatever your needs, our team can design a range of material for you if required.

Our website are designed to be fully responsive to be viewed on any device.

"A business has to be evolving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creativitive instincts"  - Richard Branson

Quick and efficient

As a small design studio we understand the needs of SME's, and that you need fast, reliable and friendly service. You don't always have the time to follow up on the progress of your site, therefore we will make sure that you are up to speed with your website or design work's development.

This will help give you the time to work on the important content that you require for your website.

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it " - Albert Einstein

Our latest Website

Below is the latest website to be complete by our designers

Insignia Gaming League

More websites we have designed

More beautiful web design for our clients.


Olympus Protection Services offer VIP protection as well as guarding dervices


ComMed is a Non Profit organization focused on giving medical care to the community.


CPR-esq offers a wide variety of First Aid and CPR training for the public, corporate, individuals

David Block

David Block is a well known astronomer and inspirational speaker

Ryans Handyman services

A home building, home improvement and home maintenance provider

Hybrid Collections

Hybrid Collections is a registered Debt Collection company and complies with all statutory requirements.

Limelight Photography

LimeLight Photography specializes in a large scale of photography categories. My aim is to capture those moments that we would like to remember forever!

Level 13

We take the accounting, administrative and compliance hassle out of running your business

Digit Freeway

Digit Freeway Fleet Management System provides the solutions for your fleet management requirements


RockBurst LLC is a leading practitioner in the art and science of Propellant based rock fragmentation systems

Logos and business cards

We will design your company logo and your business cards



ComMed is a non profit organisation

Palm net

Palm Net

Palmnet is a Satellite communications provider

Limelihjt Photography

Limelight Photography

Privately owned photography studio

Jk Guiding

JK Guiding

JK guiding offers bird watching and tours

What our clients say

Professor Block

"Working with Craig in the developement of my website ( ) has left an indelible impression upon me. Craig is highly skilled in placing a website together - starting from ground zero.

At all times, my requests to place updated material on my website were met with an utmost degree of warmth and of skill and of great professionalism.

Should you be seeking for website design or website development, look no further than Craig."

Professor David L. Block
Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of London

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